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Date and time is TBD


Location is TBD

Custom Choreography & In-Person Classes

Custom choreography and in-person classes for Mehendi Ceremonies, Wedding Receptions & Parties!

Custom Choreography & In-Person Classes
Custom Choreography & In-Person Classes

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Welcome to our Bollywood Performance Project, tailored just for you! Whether you're looking to learn a solo routine to a few of your favourite songs, or put together a big show with your closest friends, we have got you covered! 

Please get in touch with us via our contact page if you wish to book, please provide the following details:

  • Name and mobile number so we can get in touch with you
  • Which days/times work for you
  • Which package options are most suitable for you
  • Any other relevant information

🎉 Who is Welcome?

Everyone is welcome to book with us - no dance experience required!

🗒️ Package:

Please see below the options available. Select the most suitable option from each section, and we'll work on building a custom package for you!

1) Dance style

  • Bachata
  • Salsa
  • Bollywood
  • Commercial

We can combine 1-3 of the above styles dependent on the length of the choreography.

2) Choreography length

  • Up to 1.5 mins (max 2 tracks) - £150
  • 1.5 mins - 2.5 mins (max 2 tracks) - £200
  • 2.5 mins to 3.5 mins (max 3 tracks) - £240
  • 3.5 mins to 4.5 mins (max 4 tracks) - £280

Please consider how much time you have to learn and become comfortable with the choreography when choosing the length. We can use songs chosen by you, or we can provide a list of song options based on your chosen dance style. The above price includes a custom mix using the songs chosen by you and the choreography.

3) In-person class costs (exc. studio costs)

1 person:

  • £48 for 1 hour
  • £130 for 3 hours
  • £240 for 6 hours

2-5 people:

  • £80 for 1 hour
  • £200 for 3 hours
  • £320 for 6 hours

6-10 people:

  • £110 for 1 hour
  • £275 for 3 hours
  • £440 for 6 hours

More than 10 people:

  • £140 for 1 hour
  • £350 for 3 hours
  • £560 for 6 hours

4) Location

  • Home Studio - FREE: We have a home studio in Stretford, Manchester, with a mirror and wooden floor available for classes for groups up to 6.
  • External Studio - £30/hr-£45/hr: We can book a studio; the price will depend on the size of the studio required.
  • Your Location: We can come to you. Please note that travel costs will apply if the class is outside of Manchester, charged at £30 per hour of travel.

5) Optional Professional Videoshoot (£100)

1-hour video recording session in a studio or outdoors (weather dependent) to capture the choreography learned. You will receive the final edited video within 2 weeks of filming.

Please note that an additional 1 hr of studio time will be required for this if we film indoors.

🌟 Outcomes?

  • Learn a fun choreography
  • Learn how to make moves look good
  • If the video option is chosen - Boost your confidence and feel empowered with a professional videoshoot!

🤝 What we ask of you:

  • Embrace openness and willingness to try
  • Patience; dance evolves with practice, and improvement comes with time—persevere!

🗓️ Date/times:

Please contact us directly to confirm availability.

Please feel free to reach out at any point if you have any questions, we can be contacted via our contact page, email ( or mobile (07875680277). We hope to see you soon! ☺️

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